Westmead junior doctors swoop in to help fallen patient

Westmead Hospital interns Dr James Grogin, patient Malvern Beyers, (rear) Dr Vlad Danaila and Dr Hayden Anderson.

Malvern Beyers didn’t expect such prompt, helpful and heartfelt assistance when he fell from his wheelchair in Westmead Hospital’s busy food court.

The Doonside resident had recently undergone surgery for a diabetes-related amputation of his leg and fell while trying to fetch his drink bottle lid.

Thankfully Westmead Hospital acting general manager Robynne Cooke and three junior medical officers were in the right place at the right time.

Robynne’s nursing background kicked in and she immediately hung up her phone to help Malvern, where she was swiftly joined by the junior doctors.

“I’m so thankful and appreciative for the assistance Robynne, Hayden, Vlad and James gave me,” Malvern tearfully said.

“It was a busy time in the food court and they cleared a path and stopped what they were doing to help me.”

These medical interns assisted patient Malvern Beyers when he fell from his wheelchair at Westmead Hospital.

Junior medical officer Dr Hayden Anderson saw that Malvern was bleeding from his surgical side and helped stem the flow.

“He was shocked and emotional, and was grateful we were there to help him get back into the chair and return him to his ward,” Hayden said.

Orthopaedic junior medical officer Dr James Grogin said the assistance helped make Malvern feel more at ease.

“We are so glad we were able to make the patient feel better,” James said.

“My time at Westmead Hospital so far has been incredible I feel very well supported by all the teams including registrars, nursing staff and physiotherapists and everyone is on the same page and puts the patient first.”