Sixth COVID-19 case after woman returns from Iran

NSW Health has confirmed a sixth case of COVID-19 in a woman who recently returned from Iran and is urging anyone who may have been on the same flight to seek immediate health assessment if symptoms develop within 14 days.

The woman in her 50s had been in Iran and flew back to Sydney via Qatar, arriving on Sunday 23 February on Qatar Airways Flight QR908. 

She developed symptoms the following day, and was tested for COVID-19 (coronavirus) on 29 February after presenting to a hospital emergency department.

Anyone on Qatar Airways flight QR908 from Qatar to Sydney that was scheduled to arrive at 6.45pm on Sunday 23 February should be on the alert for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath.

If symptoms develop, people who were on that flight should isolate themselves straight away and contact their GP or local emergency department.

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This latest case is not linked to, and was not on the same flight, as the fifth confirmed case who has also returned from Iran but on a different day.

The local public health unit is identifying and contacting people who have been in close contact with the case, in accordance with national guidelines. Because the woman’s symptoms began within 24 hours of arriving in Sydney, people who were sitting close to her on her flight will be followed up and asked to self-isolate.

NSW Health can also confirm that a man in his 50s who was undergoing testing for COVID-19 is unlikely to have the virus although, as a precaution, further testing is being conducted.

NSW Health will confirm any positive cases as soon as a conclusive diagnosis is made. As stated above, there are currently six confirmed cases in NSW.

People who become unwell after travel from other high risk countries and regions are also recommended to be assessed for COVID-19 testing.

It is important people take action to keep their family and friends safe, and not be afraid to speak to a doctor if symptoms develop.

Please call ahead to speak to your GP before visiting, or call Healthdirect on 1800 022 222. GPs can arrange testing, of if you are very unwell you can also call ahead before attending your local emergency department for assessment.

For more information, go to the NSW Health website at: