Allied health swap uniforms for mufti to raise spirits

Blacktown Hospital Allied Health team dress in mufti to brighten up their day.

A sea of bright colours replaced the usual teal uniforms as Blacktown Hospital’s Allied Health staff found another way to lift spirits while they band together to tackle COVID-19.   

The initiative – dubbed Dare Day – was embraced by teams including social work, physiotherapy, speech pathology, nutrition, dietetics and occupational therapy. 

Social work department head Bobbi Henao Urrego said staff thoroughly enjoyed dressing up (or down) on the day. 

The team also recently hosted a ‘social distancing disco’ to lift spirits.

“We wanted to do something which was easy and identifiable while lifting spirits of our patients and colleagues,” Bobbi said.  

“The criteria was simple: we asked staff to wear something which was opposite to what they would normally wear. 

“Our patients told us they really enjoyed seeing our staff in the bright colours and some of them didn’t recognise us without our uniforms.

“Wearing the colourful clothes definitely lifted morale during these uncertain times and it was also a great distraction from our own worries and concerns. ” 

Allied Health team practice social distancing measures.

Bobbi reminds patients, carers and staff to look after each other and to do your bit. 

“Everyone plays a role with hand hygiene and physical distancing – remember to social distance but also remember you can be social without being physically close,” Bobbi said.

“Check in on your friends’ and family’s emotional wellbeing, and take care of yourself including asking for help if you’re struggling. Remember that we can’t care for those coming to us unless we care for ourselves first.” 

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