Obstetrician’s advice for pregnant women during COVID-19

Westmead Hospital obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Andrew Pesce.

COVID-19 has created anxiety for many, including pregnant women who are expecting to give birth in the coming months.

Westmead Hospital obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Andrew Pesce joins us in episode four of Western Sydney Health Check to discuss the impact of the virus on mothers and children.

Dr Pesce has decades of experience delivering thousands of children, and has been keeping up with the latest COVID-19 literature to provide guidance and reassurance.

He advises women and families on what precautions to take, especially late in their pregnancy, and why our hospitals have introduced new policies including visitor limits.

Dr Pesce also has advice for new mothers about breastfeeding, as well as support in the absence of mother’s groups and extended family.

Listen now, and catch up on the previous episodes for more expert insight into COVID-19.

For the latest information and advice, refer to the NSW Health website and download the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Australia app.