Staycation tips for the Easter long weekend

COVID-19 may have put a halt to your Easter plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the long weekend.

Whether you are self-isolating or just maintaining good physical distancing, here are 10 fun things you can do to maintain connection and keep the kids occupied over the long weekend and during the pandemic.

As always, head to the NSW Health website and download the Coronavirus Australia app for the latest health information and advice.

You don’t need to travel to catch up with family.

Distance socialisation

Instead of thinking of it as social distancing, distance socialisation is a great way to stay connected to your friends and family through these tough times.

Free applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Duo and Facebook Messenger video call allow you to chat to large groups of people, all at the same time. The House Party app is also growing in popularity for group video chatting.

The grandparents will definitely appreciate the chance to see everyone, although you may need to provide long-distance tech support!

Host a virtual movie party

Missing movie marathons with mates? Netflix has you covered. 

Netflix Party is the latest craze, allowing you to binge watch your favourite shows or movies remotely with friends. And those who love to talk through movies can use the chat function to scratch that itch.

Go on a virtual tour

While zoos, galleries and museums are closed to the public, you can still enjoy animals, art and history online. Click here for more information or search “zoo live stream” to find plenty of options in the palm of your hand.

Boost your education with free online courses

Tafe NSW is offering a suite of 21 completely free short courses. These courses are available online to assist anyone across the state who wants to upskill during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information, including a full list of courses, is available here

Watch a free concert

If you can’t stand the idea of months at home without being able to get your live music fix, never fear. Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation’s #TogetherAtHome concert series invites you to attend intimate shows with favourite artists… from the comfort of your living room.

Just search #togetherathome on Instagram or Google and unlock a world of live music at your fingertips.

Learn a new skill

If there’s ever been a skill or even another language you wanted to concur, now is the time to do it. The internet offers a wide range of applications and sites to help you start or advance your skill set.

Some fun ideas could include cross stitching, knot tying, coding or even writing a novel — apparently it’s doable in a month.

Spring (or Autumn) clean your wardrobe

It’s either in there for a reason or a season. De-cluttering your wardrobe is a great way to lighten your mood and give you a positive mindset. Remember the words of Marie Kondo: does it spark joy?

Listen to a podcast:

Let your ears do the walking and dive into the world of podcasts, where there’s sure to be something to satisfy even the most niche of interests. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Overcast are all free applications that allow you to listen on your device.

Can’t think of where to start? Check out our podcast: Western Sydney Health Check.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Why not put the saying to the test. Every member of the family’s state of mind should be taken into account, whether they have a wagging tail or not.

Getting outside and teaching your dog a trick or two is a great way to improve both you and your pet’s mood.

Have something to look forward to

Whether it’s an overseas holiday or just going to the cinema with your best friend, setting goals for the end of the pandemic will remind ourselves that we will come out the other side.

Print off a picture and stick it to your mirror. Remind yourself of the good things to come.