Happiness tripled with triplet brothers

Tingting Yang with her bundles of joy at Westmead Hospital.

Three incubator cribs, teams of neonatologists, surgeons and two excited parents entered a Westmead Hospital operating theatre on Wednesday afternoon, awaiting the arrival of three triplet brothers.

Within an hour, three brothers, Ellison (1.785kg), Vitus (1.830kg) and Orrik (2.110kg), were born via caesarean section.

Dad Xiulong Yang practices skin-to-skin with his son.

Entering the world a little early at 34 weeks, the babies were transferred to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for follow-up care and monitoring.  

Two days on and the brothers are feeling well and ready for some bonding time with their parents and big brother Leslie.

Proud parents Tingting and Xiulong in the delivery room

Mother Tingting Yang, who is from Lidcombe, said having triplets was a big surprise.

“We don’t have any triplets running in our family, but we feel blessed with such gift,” Tingting said.

“We found out their gender on week 17 and were surprised even more.”

Vitus and Orrik are twins, and Ellison is a singleton, which means he was from a separate egg.

Tingting and Xiulong are the proud parents of triplet boys and two year old son Leslie.

Tingting said her pregnancy with triplets was not easy.

On week 20 the doctor said that the babies were lacking weight so she was advised to eat more nutritious food.

“Mum helped me cook traditional chicken soup with herbs,” Tingting said.

“Luckily, babies gained enough weight in four weeks.”

One of the triplets in a crib at the hospital’s NICU.

Masieray Bangura, registered nurse, who is taking care of the triplets in the NICU, said the brothers should go home very soon.

“Once triplets can eat on their own, they will be ready for discharge,” Masieray said.

Tingting and her babies at Westmead Hospital.

Tingting said her two-year-old son Leslie does not understand that he has become a big brother yet.

“I am sure they will have lots of fun together, I am looking forward to taking them to the park and watch them play as they grow,” Tingting said.

“We are about to have a very busy life with four boys in the house.”