Hand hygiene more important than ever

Blacktown Hospital respiratory registered nurse Claire Vankuyk is holding an educational model which demonstrates the correct amount of jewellery nursing staff should wear. It is also coated in florescent cream which represents bacteria on the hands. Infection Prevention and Control clinical nurse consultant Carolyn Lambeth is holding the model with longer nails, excessive jewellery and wrist watches which can retain bacteria after hand washing.

Staff from Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals took time out of their busy schedules to focus on the importance of washing their hands for the World Health Organisation (WHO) Hand Hygiene Day on 5 May.

Staff and the community are well rehearsed with hand washing this year to stop the spread of COVID-19, so the annual day served as a timely reminder of the best procedure.

This year’s campaign theme ‘Save lives: Clean your hands’ recognises the critical role health workers play with infection control to patients and themselves from infection.

Infection Prevention and Control nurse consultant Nicole Tolhurst said her team visited the wards to promote good hand hygiene to staff and patients.

“This year, it was really easy to remind people of hand hygiene and the correct procedures for washing hands because everyone has seen how important it is,” Nicole said.

“Congratulations to the staff who were awarded hygiene packs consisting of hand wash, moisturiser, hand sanitiser and chocolates for accurately completing a quiz.”

For information about COVID-19 hand hygiene requirements, click here.