Couple shares magical water birth experience

Proud parents Steven Hemana and Angel Solomon with their newborn son Eclipse.

Angel Solomon and Steven Hemana will never forget Mother’s Day this year: they welcomed their second baby into the world with a partner experience in a birthing bath!

Angel was admitted to Blacktown Hospital on Saturday 9 May and went to labor the next morning.

Offered a birthing bath for pain relief, she decided to stay in until son, Eclipse, was born at 11.52am.

“I didn’t plan on having a water birth, but I thought to give it a try,” Angel said.

“It was quite different from my first childbirth – a lot better, I would say. I felt lighter, more comfortable and definitely I was in less pain.

“I’m happy with the help I received from the midwives. I had as much space as I needed, but they were always there, ready to act, and even gave me a back massage.

“When I felt the urge to push, I asked my partner to hold me. Without hesitation he popped in the pool.”

Steven, Angel’s partner, said he loved everything about the birth of their son.

“It was spontaneous, but when Angel asked me to get in the pool, I did,” Steven said. “Experiencing it together was the best feeling in the world.

“The facilities in this birth unit were great, so many options for you to choose from. Angel could have given birth in a lot of ways, but I think the water birth was the best choice.”

Members of the public tour a new birthing suite at Blacktown Hospital, including a water bath in the foreground, for the 2019 Annual Public Meeting.

The water baths are part of Stage 2 of the $700 million Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals redevelopment project, and they are just one element of a major upgrade to women’s health services.  

“The new baths are equipped with a water heating system, a light and step for mum to sit on with handrails,” registered midwife Jemma Chiha said.

“It’s definitely spacious enough if mums want their partner to join.

“It’s much more comfortable for women to float in warm water – it helps with relaxation and pain relief. As for the baby, it’s a nice transition from warm amniotic fluid [the water in mum’s uterus] into the warm bath water.” 

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