Families with children aged 0 to 12 years living in Western Sydney – we want to hear from you!

WSLHD Healthy Children’s Initiative coordinator Janelle McNicholas with her children four year-old Hugo, seven year-old Luella and nine year-old Darcy.

Complete this short survey by June 22, for your chance to win a prize pack valued at $100!  

Life has been challenging during the COVID-19 restrictions and many things have changed.

Parents and carers may have worked from home, or not been able to work at all. Children may have been at home rather than school or childcare and all extracurricular activities were stopped.

Our Healthy Children’s team is gathering information about Western Sydney families’ eating and activity habits during COVID-19 to help us provide relevant information and support.

We’d like to ask questions like “Have you been eating more or less? Have you been more active than usual or less? Have you been cooking more or getting more take-away?”

All it takes is 10 minutes to complete this short survey and you will have a chance of winning one of these prize packs!

By completing the survey, you can help us understand what Western Sydney families need when it comes to important health information that really makes a difference.

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