Youngest podcast guest follows in her aunty Dr Varshney’s footsteps

Zara Read with her aunty, Westmead Hospital emergency physician Dr Kavita Varshney.

Five-year-old Zara Read dreams of being a doctor when she grows up – and she’s got some great footsteps to follow in her family.

Zara’s aunt is Westmead Hospital emergency physician Kavita Varshney, one face of the NSW Health COVID-19 safety campaign seen on TV and social media.

Kavita’s clear, concise message was flawlessly imitated by her niece – who now features in an advertisement of her own!

Kavita and Zara join us in the latest episode of Western Sydney Health Check to talk about Westmead Hospital’s emergency response to the pandemic and why Kavita is Zara’s hero.

Zara shares what it’s like being home-schooled by her dad during lockdown and catching up with friends online.

Kavita also discusses how the hospital’s emergency staff have cared for each other and looked out for signs of fatigue and anxiety throughout the pandemic – including distributing thoughtful gifts prepared by Zara!

Listen to the pair here and also catch up on previous episodes here.