PODCAST: Physiotherapists, the only people making COVID-19 patients cough

Westmead Hospital physiotherapist Hariette Esterman in the intensive care unit.

From helping patients learning to walk again to helping them talk, Westmead Hospital physiotherapist Hariette Esterman says working on the frontline of COVID-19 is no easy task.

Hariette works in Westmead Hospital’s ICU as an acute physiotherapist and found her passion for helping the most vulnerable patients after her new graduate placement.

As an acute physiotherapist, Hariette jokes that they might be the only people in the world asking people with COVID-19 to cough.

Their role includes helping patients with their breathing by clearing mucous from their lungs and airways – which is why they ask COVID-19 patients to cough as part of their recovery.

On our latest episode of our podcast Western Sydney Health Check, Hariette describes her passion for physiotherapy and life on the front line, as she helps patients recover from COVID-19 and other tasks.

She talks about the incredible connection and bond formed with her patients and the memorable moment of helping a patient stand up for the first time.  

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