Showered with love: kids express appreciation to health heroes

Blacktown staff reading letters sent by primary school kids.

COVID-19 has left an impact on each family around the world. While these words may make us think of all the negative things, there is a silver lining.

Despite physical distancing, this pandemic has brought people closer and made us think of important things, like gratitude. Since the beginning of the pandemic health workers and their hard work has been continuously celebrated. 

Western Sydney Local Health District was lucky to receive touching gifts: hundreds of letters of appreciation from kids and one very special visit.

“Doctors and nurses work so much, but they need the support too,” said eight-year- old Piya, who came to Blacktown Hospital to gift her beautiful paintings to the health heroes.

“During COVID-19 my life changed a lot. I could not see my friends, and I spent a lot of time at home painting. It made me happy and I decided to share it with those who took such a good care of all of us. I hope my paintings make all people at the hospital smile.”

Blacktown school kid donating her own paintings to the hospital.

Piya was not alone in her endeavor to bring smiles to health workers – students of Westmead Public School send hundreds of letters, each of them having sincere messages of gratitude, jokes and even some funny riddles.

“Do you know who is the most hard working? See the second word from beginning!”, “You are amazing”, “Thank you for everything you do”, “We are safe because of you”, “Thanks to everyone working in the Hospital” – these and many more kind and heartwarming messages have been delivered to medical, administrative, kitchen and switchboard workers.

When asked for her opinion about the letters Piya’s peers sent to health workers, the girl said it was a beautiful gesture.

“Let’s all support our doctors and nurses by following some simple rules: wash and sanitize our hands, and stay at home if you can. If you feel sad, try painting something bright!” Piya said.

For latest information on COVID-19 updates, visit NSW Health website.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, get tested in your nearest testing clinic and self-isolate until you get results.