COVID-19 disease detective tells it straight on new podcast episode

WSLHD Public Health Unit director Dr Shopna Bag

As the world approaches one million COVID-19 deaths, it’s clear Australia did not overreact according to Dr Shopna Bag, director of the Public Health Unit in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

Dr Bag was one of our first podcast guests back in March and she returns now to discuss what we’ve learned in the exhausting six months since.

Dr Bag and her team have led the incredible contact tracing efforts in Western Sydney, interviewing every one of our 500+ COVID-19 patients to find out how they caught disease and who they might have passed it onto.

In this interview she delivers expert insight into how NSW managed to cope better with the ‘second wave’ of infections in July compared to the first spike in March, and how bad things might have been without the precautions put in place.

Dr Bag also speaks personally about the highs and lows of working with patients during this stressful time, what she’s learned about herself this year, and why she loves working in public health.

Listen to the interview now and catch up on previous episodes here.