Spring smiles in store amid Westmead Hospital clean-up

Clinical support officer Kathleen Guerin shows progress made in C3C NeuroTrauma Close Observation Unit to the Innovation and Redesign team’s Hayley Manyu and Ingrid Mikulec, Carla Edwards from the Westmead Redevelopment and Director of Nursing and Midwifery Kate Hackett.

One Westmead Health Precinct program is literally clearing the way in readiness for the exciting relocation of numerous departments into the Central Acute Services Building (CASB).

The giant spring clean at Westmead Hospital will save time, provide better patient service and help teams prepare to move into the new 14-level hospital early next year.

A focal point of the clean-up, the Clinical Storage Management project, is already making a vast and visible difference throughout the wards.

The latest phase involves:

  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Cardiology A5A, A5B & A5C
  • D5C Neurosurgical
  • C3C Neuro Trauma Close Observation Unit
  • B6C Vascular

Using the award-winning methodology of the Lean 6S Storeroom project – sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustain and safety – teams have worked to reduce clutter, better label products and re-organise storage areas to increase safety and efficiencies around stock use and re-ordering processes.

But rather than words, the most vivid description of success comes via before and after images. The difference is astounding and smiles on staff members’ faces tell a story of workplace pride and a devotion to provide the very best service for their patients.

Before … Nurse unit manager Robert Cruceanu and Racel Noveda get to work in the A5A equipment storeroom.

The unseen benefits are equally impressive. Staff safety is improved and the reconfiguration of storeroom layouts means better workflow and accessibility, plus redundant items no longer needed in one location are redistributed throughout the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

After … Visible proof the program makes a difference.

As part of phase 9 of the Lean program, Director of Nursing and Midwifery Kate Hackett toured the wards to discuss progress and the benefits for staff and patients.

“The teams have done an absolutely fantastic job,” Kate said. “They’ve worked through their storerooms and identified what’s necessary and cleared out what’s not required.

“Staff say it’s now easier to find products they need in a more timely manner so they’re back at the patient’s bedside providing care quicker.”

Project co-ordinator Hayley Manyu said the colour-categorised labelling system developed from the ODDS (Ordering, Delivery, Distribution & Storage) project at Blacktown in 2018 had also been adopted.

Adrian Biasi and Ellen Wearne proudly reflect on their work in D5C Neurosurgical Unit.

She said this sharing of ideas and collaboration with the Innovation & Redesign team, Westmead Redevelopment and Westmead Hospital Nursing and Midwifery were crucial to the program’s success.

“I’d also like to thank Raynelle Howat and her team from General Services who kindly assisted with the removal of rubbish throughout the week,” Hayley said.

Angela Regala and Stephanie Greentree discuss the benefits of a pristine storeroom in the Day Surgery Unit with Kate Hackett.