Wear orange this Saffron Day in memory of Deyaan

Thursday 22 October is Saffron Day, a day to honour the life of seven-year-old, Deyaan Udani and to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation in Australia.

Deyaan passed away suddenly from a brain haemorrhage while on a family holiday in 2016.

Not long prior to the trip, Deyaan had learned about organ donation at school and told his parents he wanted to become an organ donor one day to save others.

When the time came to make a decision about donating Deyaan’s organs, his parents knew there was one last thing they could do for him. Their decision to honour Deyaan’s wish saved four lives.

Deyaan’s parents created Saffron Day to honour his legacy and encourage others to have the important conversation about organ donation, like Deyaan did. Saffron symbolises courage and strength, qualities seen in little Deyaan. Orange was also Deyaan’s favourite colour.

A pinch of Saffron goes a long way, as does the generous gift of organ donation.

Wear orange this Saffron Day and register as a donor at donatelife.gov.au/saffronday.