Do they transmit COVID? Podcast busts mozzie myths

Dr Cameron Webb in the mangroves — a great place to hang out if you enjoy getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Do mozzies like sweeter blood? Do they transmit COVID-19? Is it only female mosquitoes that bite?

These are the kinds of questions ‘Mosquito Man’ Associate Professor Cameron Webb gets regularly, and breaks down for us on the latest episode of Western Sydney Health Check.

As the weather begins to warm, A/Prof Webb warns that mosquito numbers will rise and provides some tips on protecting yourself from the annoying bites.

“Use insect repellent, cover up, and avoid exercising or being outside around dawn and dusk,” A/Prof Webb said.

“This is a key way of avoiding mosquito bites, and reducing the risk of contracting mosquito-borne viruses.”

A/Prof Webb works as a medical entomologist (bug scientist) for NSW Health Pathology and focuses his time on understanding the role of environmental management and urban development in reducing the risks of mosquito-borne diseases.

Mosquitoes are commonly found in warm, humid climates and near water, so it’s especially important to take extra care when enjoying the great outdoors.

Listen to the interview now and catch up on previous episodes here.