Thank a technician: the ‘cogs and wheels’ of pharmacy

They work silently behind the scenes, ensuring we have all the medications needed to keep patients healthy and well in the hospital and the community.

October 20 is National Pharmacy Technician Day, a chance for us to recognise and thank the invaluable contributions of pharmacy technicians to ensure our hospitals run smoothly.

Westmead Hospital pharmacy director David Ng said pharmacy technicians are the ‘cogs and wheels’ of the pharmacy department, providing vital support to pharmacists and patients.

“While the pharmacist ensures that patients are getting the correct medications and are educated about their treatments, pharmacy technicians support this vital role by maintaining medication supplies across the hospital, helping consumers manage their prescriptions in the outpatient clinics, and working in specialised sterile suites preparing medications, IV infusions and cancer treatments,” David explained.

Westmead Hospital pharmacy technician Zerrin Celik.

Zerrin Celik, a Westmead Hospital pharmacy technician of over 20 years, said she could not be more proud to serve the patient and hospital community – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of hospital staff, including clerical, medical, nursing and allied health staff who present to pharmacy, and it’s a pleasure to work with such lovely staff who are dedicated to improving the health of our community,” Zerrin said.

“Many of our pharmacy technicians also come from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our department and hospital.”

The pharmacy department supports quality use of medicines through medication dispensing, logistics, procurement, consumer education, therapeutic advice and the manufacturing of highly-specialised medicines, including sterile medications and cancer treatments.

Westmead Hospital’s pharmacy is one of the state’s largest and most diverse tertiary pharmacies, providing frontline clinical care to patients in the wards, outpatient clinics, drug health and Parramatta Community Health Centre.

The opening of the central acute services building next year also includes expanded pharmacy facilities with new opportunities for pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy staff.

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