Secret Lives of Staff: Mount Druitt nurse puts 2020 spin on Da Vinci

Bryan Adduru is a man of many passions. Registered nurse by day, artist by night and an engineer in his past – he has a place in his heart for all of it.

The 42-year-old became a registered nurse at 25 after migrating from his home country, the Philippines, where he worked as an engineer. Now he is part of the Mount Druitt Centre for Addiction Medicine team.

“Nursing runs in my family – my mum and two sisters are nurses. I guess it was inevitable that I become a nurse, too, at some point,” Bryan said.

Bryan has been inclined to art since his school years, and over the years found his passion for abstract drawing, portraits and digital art. He shares his artworks on his Instagram account under the nickname @fnst_au.

“I get inspired by people and what’s happening around me. Paying attention to details is key,” he said.

Lockdown cleared Bryan’s diary and he devoted his free time to doing what he loved most.

He created his own Da Vinci-inspired masterpiece dubbed Year 2020 which depicts the Mona Lisa wearing a face mask.

“This year has been devastating and heartbreaking for most people due to the COVID pandemic, so I wanted to create artwork which reflects the year that was,” Bryan said.

“To me, the Mona Lisa represents humanity and is recognised all over the world.

“I want my portrait to be an ‘eye-catcher’. The pink background represents COVID and the Mona Lisa is an abstract drawing made from polyart using triangles or polygons.”

Bryan has no plans to leave nursing for fame and fortune, but he wants his art to be seen.

“Creating my artworks gives me so much joy. I want to remind my peers who are working long shifts to take some time to care about themselves,” he said.

“Nurture your talents and don’t forget to do things you love!”