Empowering nurse educator leaves lasting legacy to next generation

Retired Blacktown Hospital registered nurse educator Sue Walker with nurse educator Kaye Williams and clinical nurse educator Ellen Patiag.

After dedicating nearly five decades of her life to caring for others, Blacktown Hospital registered nurse educator Sue Walker has hung up her scrubs for the last time.

Starting her career at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in 1972, Sue had a passion for helping others, which is what kept her in the industry for so long.

“When someone is sick or in need of help, I have an innate response to ensure that person gets the best care possible,” Sue said.

“This later turned into a passion for education. I wanted to pass down my knowledge to the next generation of nurses and inspire them to be the best that they can be.”

Sue has worked in Blacktown Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) for the last 25 years, where she not only treated and cared for patients but also assisted with nursing education and professional development.

Sue’s colleagues sent her off with several thoughtful gifts

“Being a nurse educator makes me proud,” Sue said.

“We have a very multicultural workplace, a lot of people coming from overseas, and to be able to help them and further their education is really gratifying.

“A lot of the nurses I have taught have now gone on to be educators themselves, which is inspiring to see. Empowering people to learn empowers me.”

Sue said she has enjoyed every moment of her satisfying career and will miss her colleagues, who have become like family to her.

“My co-workers have really shaped who I have become,” Sue said.

“There is an excellent team here in the ICU and will definitely hold a special place in my heart”

Sue reflected that in light of her retirement, she is looking forward to doing more volunteer work and spending some quality time with her family.

“I can’t stop and do nothing. I want to keep doing things for other people and spend my time giving back to the community,” she said.

“I volunteer once a week at the community garden, and also at St Vincent De Paul’s, helping them go through all the donations.

“My family think I deserve a break, but ask my husband in six months and he might give you a different answer!”

We wish Sue well in her much-deserved retirement!