Keep COVID in check with new app

Businesses and customers urged to use the COVID Safe Check-In tool.

Western Sydney Local Health District’s Public Health Unit is encouraging businesses and customers to use the NSW Government digital COVID Safe Check-In tool as the next line of defence against COVID-19.

Customers must check in at businesses and certain organisations using a QR code or manually to record the names and contact details of patrons. Businesses who don’t comply risk serious penalties, under new COVID-19 rules. Customers can be refused entry if they do not provide their details.

Western Sydney Local Health District’s Public Health Unit director Dr Shopna Bag stressed the community need to remain vigilant leading into warmer weather and the festive season to stop or slow any potential COVID-19 cases.

“I urge businesses to set up the Service NSW QR code system and for community members to download and use the COVID Safe Check-In app as this will help NSW Health respond quickly to any potential outbreaks,” Shopna said.

COVID Safe Check-In QR code.

“The COVID Safe Check-In QR code is provided free to all registered businesses and is specific to each business. When you scan the QR code using your phone you will be asked to enter your name and contact details.  The date and time of attendance will automatically be recorded. Once you have used the Service NSW app at a registered business the app will remember your details making it quick and simple to use at other businesses who use the Service NSW QR code system.

“Customer information is securely stored for 28 days for the sole purpose of contact tracing by NSW Health if needed after which time it is destroyed.”

Customers must use the Service NSW app to check in and check out when they next head to a café, restaurant or COVID Safe-registered business displaying a Service NSW QR code. 

For customers entering venues without a mobile phone, the venue must provide an alternative electronic method for patrons to provide their details.  

Businesses must manually collect contact details in instances where electronic forms cannot be accessed or during internet outages and enter these into an electronic system within 12 hours. 

The contactless COVID Safe Check-In tool can be found on the Service NSW app.