New booklet helps kids with their COVID-19 test

A woman and young child preparing to get a COVID-19 test at a drive-through clinic.

Going to a new place, seeing nurses in strange uniforms and having a swab up the nose can all be a little daunting if you’ve not experienced these before… especially if you’re a kid!

To help support families of children aged 3-5 prepare for a COVID-19 test, Western Sydney Local Health District has developed a handy children’s booklet ‘Going to a COVID-19 Testing Clinic’.

Join four year-old Georgie and her mum Felicity, as they explore COVID-19 testing options in Western Sydney. Even Georgie’s toy, “Horsey”, experiences a COVID-19 test!

The booklet aims to build children’s confidence and awareness about a COVID-19 test and what it involves

The new booklet has been developed by WSLHD in consultation with the Children’s Hospital (Westmead).

Several local families have already commented on the usefulness of the new booklet:

“It was a perfect way to show young children about how they will be tested if they need to be, helping children to feel more comfortable about being tested.”

“I liked that it was very clear, engaging and simple to read. Loved that Georgie had a snuggle toy that came along for the experience, very relatable for my family.”

“The format was great and would make it easy to explain the process to children using the pictures. The booklet could be printed and taken with you to the testing facility to refer to if your child is worried.”

The booklet was developed by WSLHD’s Population Health team, in consultation with the Children’s Hospital (Westmead).

If your child experiences symptoms including a fever, sore throat, cough or runny nose, they should get a COVID-19 test immediately and stay at home until they receive their results. Before going to a COVID-19 clinic to have your child tested, check NSW Health COVID-19 Clinics to see whether the clinic tests all ages.

To download a copy of the booklet, visit the Western Sydney COVID-19 Community Resources website.