Virtual tour to where you’ll meet your baby

COVID-19 has put to stop many things, but life goes on in Blacktown Hospital maternity unit.

At the beginning of the pandemic the unit ceased all face-to-face parenting education courses, which included a tour of its main patient areas.

To help mums-to-be to prepare for childbirth, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has introduced online classes and developed a virtual tour.

Blacktown Hospital clinical midwifery educator Larissa Dahlan said that it was important for patients to have a peace of mind when it comes to such an important day.

“Evidence shows that women who are familiar with the place where they are going to give birth will have less complications in labour,” she said.

“It takes off the pressure of unknown. Also, being aware of the services available allows future parents to plan better. We have birth baths and other nice features like Bluetooth device pairing – it’s good to know about them.

“They will have enough time to decide if they’d like to have water birth and put together a playlist.”

The tour covers the maternity assessment centre, birthing and maternity units, and newborn care for babies that need extra support after birth.

This resource will be available for everyone even after the recommencement of live tours. Parents-to-be will have an opportunity to watch it at any time of the pregnancy and refresh their memory just before heading out to the hospital when the time comes.

Click here to watch the tour.