PODCAST: Western Sydney toxicologist sheds light on our snakes and spiders

Mention Australia to people overseas and one of the first things that comes up is our array of deadly snakes and giant spiders. But how worried should we actually be?

Professor Naren Gunja, clinical and forensic toxicologist at Western Sydney Local Health District, joins us on the first episode of season two of Western Sydney Health Check to shed some light on the creepy crawlies found across Sydney.

Naren talks about the death adders, brown snakes and funnel-web spiders you might encounter in Sydney, and shares tips on how to avoid getting bitten.

He also explains the science behind venom and the different, terrifying effects they can have — as well as the Aussie research that’s saving lives.

Naren shares what to do if you do get bitten, as well as what not to do, and also why you shouldn’t eat wild mushrooms.

Listen to the new episode now and catch up on previous episodes here.

If you are worried about something you’ve eaten, or maybe something that’s taken a bite out of you, call the NSW Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

In an emergency always call triple zero (000).