First Westmead transit patient lounges back

Elio Sawma was the first patient to use the new transit lounge in Westmead Hospital.

As he sits back lounging in the large blue chair, Elio Sawma has little idea what all the fuss is about.

Amid his spacious, comfortable surroundings, the Parramatta resident chats to nurses, settles in and waits to be given the green light to go home.

What he doesn’t know is that he’s the first patient at Westmead Hospital’s new transit lounge – a dedicated area where patients can relax after being discharged while waiting for a ride home.

“You don’t get a prize, do you?” he joked after finding out the news.

“This is a great place – comfortable, modern and friendly.

“I have some more antibiotics on the way. After that, an Uber will be here to pick me up from right out front.”

Elio fell off his motorbike two weeks ago. Seemingly unscathed at first, that all changed when his right arm became infected and he was admitted to Westmead Hospital.

Five days later, after an ultrasound and a course of antibiotics, his arm had settled and he was excited to be heading home.

“It ballooned up what seemed about seven times its normal size,” Elio said.

“But they’ve really taken care of me from day one. And to finish my stay here is great.”

The transit lounge moved from level 2 to its new level 1 home on Tuesday, one day prior to the momentous relocation of the adults’ emergency department into the 14-level Central Acute Services Building (CASB).

The new purpose-built unit ensures patients continue to receive high-quality care and support from registered and enrolled nurses right up until the moment they leave hospital.

Transit lounge operating hours remain 7am-9pm Monday to Friday.

For transit lounge pick-up, follow the P5 parking signs off Hawkesbury Road. Inside, follow signage at the old transit lounge on level 2 (near the University Clinics entrance) and at various points on route to the new level 1 unit.