Maintaining five stars on the frontline: Auburn Hospital cleaners stand proud

Auburn Hospital is sparkling clean thanks to the efforts of its proud General Services team.

There’s workplace pride, and then there’s Auburn Hospital pride.

The small yet mighty suburban hospital can boast some of the most committed and long-serving staff in NSW Health thanks to its supportive culture.

Some of the most notable among them are the General Services team.

The team takes pride in their work – the most recent survey showed 97% of patients were happy with the cleanliness of their room – but also in their care for each other.

Walid Assoum credits his 19 years of dedication to Auburn Hospital to the fact that he was well-supported following a spinal cancer diagnosis in 2012.

Walid Assoum has worked at Auburn Hospital for 19 years, including a break while he was treated for spinal compression caused by lymphoma.

“I needed about a year off work and everyone was absolutely supportive at every level the whole time, from management all the way down,” he said.

“My manager Roseanne [Smith] was the most supportive person. She organised everything for me, and my colleagues were always checking in on me. I don’t know how to thank them.

“I was excited to come back to work. I started just two hours a day and slowly built up to full time. I couldn’t walk for four months; I can’t believe I’m walking today. It’s a miracle to be honest.”

General Services team leader Roseanne Smith said hospital pride is a common attribute across the 39-strong team at Auburn.

General Services team leader Roseanne Smith (front) with Walid Assoum, and Cveta and Peter Miskoski. The married couple have been working at Auburn Hospital for a combined 55 years!

“We work as a team here. Our hospital is unique, we’re extremely family-oriented and the majority of the staff have been here for many years.

“We take great pride in cleanliness and that’s the way we’ve been taught by management.

“We take great care of one another and protect one another. Everyone loves coming to work. Management is very approachable and they really value us,” Roseanne said.

Auburn Hospital general manager Jenelle Matic said she was exceptionally proud of the hospital’s cleaning staff.

“We work hard on every aspect of patient and carer experience here, which includes the small yet important details such as having clean wards and rooms.

“It’s great to hear the cleaners know how appreciated they are, and that patients and visitors recognise the fantastic work they do behind the scenes every day,” Jenelle said.

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