“You find this strength and people give it to you”: Talking breast cancer on latest podcast

Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan doesn’t mince words when talking about mammograms.

“If it doesn’t hurt, it hasn’t been done properly,” she explains bluntly on the latest episode of Western Sydney Health Check.

“We recommend women, if they are really apprehensive about it, to take a couple of Panadol 15 minutes before their mammogram… but it’s momentary. A few seconds.”

As the executive director of the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, A/Professor Pathmanathan knows exactly why these uncomfortable procedures are so important.

This week’s episode also features Carol Boulous who shares her story of surviving breast cancer.

“You have to find the strength, and you do. I thought if I ever had cancer or breast cancer, I’d go home and roll up in a ball… but you don’t.

“You find this strength and the people around you give it to you,” Carol reflected.

We also speak to clinical nurse consultant Angelique O’Flynn about delirium – what it is, who it affects (hint: not just older people) and what to do if you notice any signs.

Listen to the latest episode here and check out the resources below for more information about breast cancer.

How to check for breast cancer:

For location of clinics in greater Western Sydney, head to the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute.

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