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The Cancer Institute NSW is developing the NSW Cancer Plan for the next five years, 2022 to 2026, and has released the draft NSW Cancer Plan for public consultation

The Plan sets an ambitious direction for NSW to address challenges and leverage new opportunities in all areas of cancer control- from prevention through to survivorship and end-of-life-care.

The Plan continues to centre on the needs of people with cancer, their families and carers. This will ensure that the voices of those who have experienced cancer, their families and carers, are heard. 

The Plan sets the vision, goals and priorities for how the NSW community can end cancers as we know them. 


The vision ‘To end cancers as we know them’, outlines what we are collectively trying to achieve.


The goals set clear outcomes that will help us to achieve the vision. These are:

  • reduce inequity in cancer outcomes
  • reduce the incidence of cancer
  • increase cancer survival
  • enhance the quality of life and experience for people at risk of and affected by cancer.

Overriding principles

These guide the direction of the Plan:

  • equity 
  • person-centredness 
  • collaboration. 

Consultation that has informed the draft NSW Cancer Plan

The draft Plan draws together insights from extensive research and consultations:

  • Rapid review of documents provided by the Cancer Institute NSW, including the Cancer Control in NSW Statewide Report 2019NSW Cancer Plan Interim Evaluation Report (July 2019) and Evidence Check: Cancer Control Plans.
  • Consultations with key national and international experts including stakeholders from the NSW Ministry of Health, the Cancer Institute NSW including the senior leadership team, the NSW Cancer Plan Steering Committee and Governance Committee.
  • Targeted consultations and workshops with people who have experience cancer, their families and carers.
  • Eight co-design workshops with over 350 participants representing government, non-government organisations, clinicians, consumer representatives, researchers and academia.
  • Written responses to the NSW Cancer Plan discussion paper,  were received from key organisations and stakeholders, including those unable to attend co-design workshops.

This NSW Cancer Plan is designed to be a high level, direction-setting plan, with specific activities and collaborating partners to be specified in an accompanying implementation plan.

Have your say by Monday 26 April 2021

Learn more by reading the Draft NSW Cancer Plan

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