Reducing COVID-19 testing fears for the kids of western Sydney one book at a time

Over 3000 copies of a book designed to reduce children’s fear of COVID-19 testing have been delivered to childcare centres throughout western Sydney thanks to the efforts of the District’s Population Health Team.

‘Going to a COVID-19 Testing Clinic’ follows delightful four-year-old Georgie, along with her mother and favourite toy ‘Horsey’, as they explore different COVID-19 testing options available in western Sydney.

The story aims to build children’s confidence and awareness about a COVID-19 test and what it involves.

Early Milestones educator Komal said the children at Early Milestones Long Day Care in Minchinbury have loved reading about Georgie’s adventure to the COVID-19 testing clinic.

“We read this booklet every day with the children. Also, during group time, some of the preschool children have shared their own experiences of a COVID-19 test,” Kormal said.

“It is great to see them learning about the virus. They enjoy taking temperatures and wearing face masks as they role play ‘doctor and patient’ during group time.”

While the booklet has been fun for children, it has also been helpful for parents and caregivers alike.

Western Sydney mother Freena said the booklet had been very helpful for her son Reyansh, who was with her when she had to get a COVID-19 test.

“The book helped him understand what was happening to his Mumma,” Freena said.

“After reading the book, he loves to play doctor during the day, wears a mask and sanitises his hands. He keeps giving us instructions to sanitise our hands too!”

Reyansh and mother Freena

Going to a COVID-19 Testing Clinic’ is now available in eight languages and can be downloaded online for free via the Western Sydney Local Health District COVID-19 Community Resources website.

It can be downloaded in the following languages:

If your child is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, sore throat, cough or runny nose, they should get a COVID-19 test immediately and stay at home until a negative test result is received.

Before going to a COVID-19 testing clinic to have your child tested, check the NSW Health website to see whether the clinic tests children of all ages.