“An entirely different calibre”: Mt Druitt’s Pre-Admissions Clinic praised in April awards

Nurse Kathleen Milton

“The first interaction with Mount Druitt Hospital staff was as positive experience as I could have hoped for and everyone was helpful and accommodating. It was of an entirely different calibre,” said Bethany Evans, a patient at Mount Druitt Hospital.

These were some of the sentiments and experiences shared by Bethany in a letter which inspired the Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospital’s (BMDH) general manager to award nurse Kathleen Milton an award for Excellence in Trauma Informed Care.

The award is part of a staff recognition program called BMDH CARE – which stands for CORE values, Accomplishment, Research, and Enhancement – where staff are encouraged to nominate their colleagues and peers for service excellence.

“Each staff member I encountered went out of their way to help me manage the experience with as little distress as possible,” said patient Bethany Evans.

“I would like, particularly, to commend Kathleen, the nurse who took me through the whole process. She was respectful, compassionate, kind, efficient, and professional at every step.”

“It’s so lovely to be recognised and a privilege but it’s a team effort,” reflected nurse Kathleen Milton upon receiving her award.

It’s the same care I give to all my patients – the best care you can give.”

The humbled married mother of four has been nursing since 1976 and has worked at Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals since 1993.

“I’ve been working in the Pre-Admissions Clinic for five months and was delighted to hear that I’ve made a difference to Bethany’s experience,” Kathleen said.

Kathleen Milton at Mount Druitt Hospital

Mount Druitt Hospital’s acting general manager, Bobbi Henao Urrego congratulated Kathleen and the 21 staff and teams who were nominated this month.

“Our staff go above and beyond every day. This is just one example of a patient’s experience and how everyone working together to provide the best possible care really makes a difference,” Bobbi said.

BMDH CARE Recognition Program nominees – April 2021

The BMDH CARE program nominees for April include:

  • Clinical Services Officer Andrew Day
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Nursing Support Brooke Avery
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists and Consultants Cancer CARE Team
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Registered Nurse Carolyn Lambeth
  • General Manager Executive Support Cody Holland
  • Emergency Nurse Unit Manager David Glastonbury
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Lead Dr Helen Crowther
  • Medical Payroll Officer Ieshia Collins
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Joceny Guillermo
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Project Team Leanne Watson
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Operations Manager Megan Byrne
  • Patient Flow Clinical Nurse Consultant Michelle Nehmer
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Moreen Narayan
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Noel Joson
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Ralph Legasapi
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Rizan Tamrakar
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Nurse Unit Manager Rossana Van Meeuwen
  • Patient Flow Clinical Nurse Consultant Sandra Hamill
  • Paediatrics Clinical Nurse Educator Sarah Mulqueeney
  • Dialysis Registered Nurse Yolanda Thornett

For more information about the BMDH CARE program, contact BMDH Human Resources here.