In praise of administration staff, the “lifeblood and heart” of our hospitals

Westmead Hospital Switchboard team won Best Customer Service (team) award.

“Administration staff are often the first face our patients and visitors see when they visit our hospitals. They are the lifeblood, core, and heart of our organisations,” Westmead Hospital general manager Rebecca Tyson said.

These sentiments were shared by many today as administrative staff at Westmead Hospital and Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Mental Health Services were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to patients and communities.

More than 80 staff were nominated for the Administrative Professionals Day awards, with honours shared among 12 winners – see more below.

“Administration staff make a huge difference to the hospital and our services, which couldn’t run efficiently without you,” Rebecca said.

Westmead Hospital Neurology Department (D4C) administration officer Ingrid Garvey was shocked when she was name Westmead Hospital’s Administrative Professional of the Year.

Over 16 years she has worked in a variety of wards, including more recently in the COVID-19 ward. Ingrid was recognised for her consistent dedication, professionalism and support she gives to the wards, her ability to train staff and excellent communications skills.

“I love working with the patients and staff because every day is different,” Ingrid said. “We all get on well as a team and everyone appreciates what I do.”

Westmead Hospital Familial Cancer Services Leanna Titterton and Megha Agnihotri.

Megha Angnihotri, Leanna Titterton and Emma Russell from the Westmead Hospital Familial Cancer Services Administration team were awarded the Administrative Team of the Year. Described as the backbone of the department, they demonstrate all core values and excel in customer service.

“We are overwhelmed, happy and excited that we won this award,” Megha said.

“It was a surprise to hear that we were nominated and recognised by our peers.”

Leanne Titterton said: “Thank you to everyone who nominated us. We are very spoilt to work with such a beautiful team and work is always a pleasure.”

WSLHD Mental Health Services director Bill Brakoulias commended the mental health administrative staff for their dedication and commitment to improving patient experience and care.

“Your efficiency, empathy, commitment, compassion, enthusiasm and dedication to our patients doesn’t go unnoticed,” Bill said.

WSLHD Mental Health Services staff.

Mental Health Service staff were also acknowledged for their dedication and longevity to WSLHD Mental Health Services.

The winners of the Westmead Hospital Administrative Professionals Day awards are:

  • Administrative Professional of the Year – Ingrid Garvey, D4C
  • Administrative Team of the Year – Familial Cancer Service
  • Best Customer Service (individual) – Tanya Sheutrim
  • Best Customer Service (team) – Westmead Hospital switchboard team
  • Efficiency & Innovation – Adeleen Xu
  • Above and Beyond – Jodie Dries

The winners of the WSLHD Mental Health Services awards were:

  • Excellence in Administration – Leyla Goksu, Perinatal, Child & Youth Mental Health Service administration manager
  • Excellence in Customer Service – Monica Arya, Hills Community Mental Health administration officer
  • Excellence in Collaboration – Rhonda Lee, Blacktown Case Management Team administration officer
  • Above and Beyond Award – Arpita Khristi, Hainsworth & Nursing Administration clinical support officer

These WSLHD Mental Health Service staff were recognised for their years of service:

For more than 40 years

  • Lorraine Durham, administration officer (43 years)
  • Jennifer Woodley, Hainsworth ward clerk (42 years)

For more than 30 years

  • Bronwyn Cooper, Blacktown mental health (38 years)
  • Jodie Gueguen, Westmead mental health (32 years)
  • Margaret Matthews, Westmead C4A/B ward clerk (32 years)

For more than 25 years

  • Karen Grieveson, Transcultural Mental Health Centre (27 years)
  • Umasangkary Sritharan, Westmead Mental Health clinical support officer (26 years)
  • Sherry Swami, Nursing Administration roster clerk (25 years)
  • Shavilla Prasad, Adult Acute Unit administration officer (25 years)
  • Juliet Armas, Transcultural Mental Health Centre administration officer (25 years)

Thank you and congratulations to all our administrative teams who are the backbone of our hospitals and services!