Westmead Hospital junior doctor named 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards Finalist

Dr Helena Qain recieves 7NEWES Young Achiever Award

Dr Helena Qian is completing her medical internship at Westmead Hospital and has served in over 30 leadership roles in eight years – all leading her to being named a finalist at the 2021 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards.

These awards recognise outstanding young people who are at the forefront of achievement and community contribution in their work or field of endeavour.

Helena said she was very humbled to have been a finalist in the leadership category at the prestigious awards.

I did not expect to get nominated let alone become a finalist,” Helena said.

“I’ve always loved volunteering and being an advocate for social justice issues, so a lot of the leadership roles I have undertaken have come very naturally to me.

“I want the work I do to make an impact, not only of junior medical officers like myself, but for all our patients and their families.”

Helena graduated university in 2020 and has already made an impact at Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

She is currently a Westmead Hospital representative at the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) Junior Medical Officer Forum.

In this role she advocates to upskill and improve training for fellow junior medical officers across NSW.

Helena said it’s an exciting role that connects junior doctors across the state with demonstrated success in improving wellbeing, education and training.

She can see it improving the clinical governance landscape and work environment for junior doctors as they transition into internships and opening many doors in the future of people just like her.

“Staying motivated doing something like this is easy. I think about the impact these minor improvements can have on patient care which makes me excited to come to work,” Helena said.

“If we can reach one hundred junior medical officers, then we can reach thousands of patients in western Sydney – that’s a positive impact on the healthcare system and our community.”

Whilst continuing her medical training, Helena hopes to remain actively involved in leadership and advocacy roles to maximise her contribution and impact in the health and governance sector.

“Here at Western Sydney Local Health District, we have a great culture and ability to cultivate and encapsulate staff in learning initiatives.

“I hope that I can continue this one with my HETI role and become the best clinician I can be.”