Channel 10’s Angela Bishop gets her COVID-19 vaccination at Westmead Hospital to help protect the Australian community

Studio 10 co-host Angela Bishop arrives at Westmead Hospital to receive her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Known for speaking to the world’s biggest celebrities and breaking entertainment news, Studio 10 co-host and Channel 10 reporter Angela Bishop has received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination at Westmead Hospital. 

Bishop is among the millions of Australians who have rolled their sleeves up – or in Angela’s case, down – to protect themselves and the wider community against COVID-19.   

“The reason I’m here at Westmead is because it’s my favourite hospital! It is where my daughter Amelia was born, so I wouldn’t get vaccinated anywhere else if I could possibly help it,” Angela said. 

Praising the staff at the Westmead Hospital vaccination clinic, Angela described her experience as quick, easy and painless.  

“This has been a really positive experience for me and one that I encourage every Australian to do once they are eligible,” Angela said.  

“Getting vaccinated is what we all have to do. Once the community is vaccinated, our life is going to start going back to normal. It is the first step.  

“I am a community member in this country, and as a community member, it is my responsibility.”  

Just like radio’s Kyle Sandilands who also received his first vaccination at Westmead, Angela said she is keen to begin travelling overseas when enough Australians get their COVID-19 vaccination. 

“As part of my job, I travel a lot. I would have been on a plane going overseas about 16 times a year and that has all come to a halt. I used to be at the Oscars, I used to be at the Golden Globes, I used to fly to movie sets around the world to interview people. That has all become a thing of the past,” said the entertainment reporter. 

“What we are seeing overseas now in other countries like Canada and France are beginning to allow people in who are vaccinated without quarantining and eventually down the track that will be something that Australian’s will be able to do. So being vaccinated is going to enable me to get back to doing my job the way I did.” 

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) reached an impressive milestone last week, administering over 100,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.   

The Westmead Hospital COVID-19 vaccination clinic is one of two clinics operated by WSLHD with the other at Blacktown Hospital. Bookings are required for both clinics. 

To book your vaccination, go to or visit the Australian Government’s Vaccine Eligibility Checker online.