“I wouldn’t give birth anywhere else”: Triple trouble brings lockdown joy at Westmead Hospital

Rayan Fattouh with newborn triplets Inaam, Muhammad and Israa.

Rayan and Mahmoud Fattouh knew they wanted a big family, but after two kids nothing could have prepared them for news they were having triplets.

“When they said there’s three in there my eyes filled with tears,” Rayan said.

“It took us all by surprise, you don’t think it’s ever going to be you. I wouldn’t have picked it in a thousand years. Twins run in the family but this is a whole other field.”

Rayan carried the 1-in-10,000 bubs to 36 weeks, at which point they collectively weighed over seven kilograms!

They were born safely at Westmead Hospital on July 5 and are now enjoying life at home in Greystanes with older sisters Ayah, 3, and Sarah, 2.

Identical twins Inaam and Israa were born first, followed by their brother Muhammad.

“I’m glad we got a boy because five is plenty. All his sisters will probably have a settling influence on him,” Rayan said.

“He’ll be outnumbered but definitely spoiled.

“I was a bit scared about having a caesarean section but the staff were just amazing. They never said no to anything I asked for. They were so helpful and I think that led to an awesome recovery for me. I loved the experience.

I had my first two at Westmead as well and I wouldn’t give birth anywhere else. All the staff are amazing.”

Rayan said her two older daughters are now doting on the new arrivals while the parents adjust to life with five in lockdown.

“It sucks not having any visitors but we know it’s for the best, and if everyone complies with the rules hopefully it will be over soon. We’re sharing lots of videos and photos,” she said.

“Thankfully the babies are quite sleepy so far. We know it’s going to get crazy!”