Patient takes his SHOT at life-saving antibiotic treatment in Blacktown Hospital first

David Lazaro (nurse unit manager), patient Stanley Tomaszewski, and Aileen Tadiaman (patient flow and access nurse manager) at the new SHOT clinic.

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has introduced a new clinic for patients to receive life-saving antibiotic treatments without having to stay in hospital for prolonged periods of time.

The Sleep at Home with Ongoing Treatment (SHOT) clinic based at Blacktown Hospital is the first of its kind across western Sydney, providing care for patients who have had a serious infection and require ongoing antibiotic treatment.

Previously, patients requiring long-term intravenous antibiotics would have had to stay in hospital but eligible people can now be discharged home before returning to receive treatment.

Infectious diseases staff at Blacktown Hospital assess patients while they are in hospital to determine if they are suitable to use the SHOT clinic.

59 year-old Stanley Tomaszewski was the first eligible patient to receive his ongoing IV antibiotic treatment – although he first presented at hospital thinking he had contracted COVID-19 after experiencing high temperatures and joint pain.

The fully vaccinated Blacktown resident did not have COVID but rather an infection of his heart – requiring daily doses of antibiotics for six weeks to treat the infection.

“I was so pleased when I was told that I was the first patient for this new clinic,” Stanley said of his experience at Blacktown Hospital.

“It’s been no trouble for me to come back to the hospital for my antibiotic treatments because I live so close.”

After spending an initial three weeks in hospital, Stanley was looking forward to going home to be with son while receiving ongoing treatment at the SHOT clinic.

“If this clinic didn’t exist, I would still be admitted to hospital. I’d like to thank the wonderful doctors and nurses who helped me while I was in hospital and at this clinic.”

Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals general manager Ned Katrib said this clinic originated from discussion between the hospital’s Emergency Operations Centre medical controller Dr Helen Crowther and Infectious Diseases specialist Shobini Sivagnanam.

“I’m delighted that the SHOT clinic has come to fruition, providing a needed service to our patients,” Ned said.

“I’d like to acknowledge the staff who work tirelessly providing care for our patients and going above and beyond to keeping people out of hospital.”

The clinic treats patients requiring treatment for conditions including, but not limited to, chronic infections, kidney abscesses, cellulitis of the arm or leg and septic arthritis.

Eligible patients will receive free car parking when visiting Blacktown Hospital for their appointments.

For further information about the SHOT clinic, please contact and or speak to your treating doctor.