A holiday season reminder: aggression towards health staff is not OK

NSW Health has launched a new campaign reminding people that aggression towards health staff and others within health settings is not ok and won’t be tolerated.

NSW Health Deputy Secretary, Phil Minns said the campaign is a timely reminder to people as we approach summer that the safety of staff, patients and visitors to NSW public hospitals was paramount.

“Any instances of aggression towards staff will not be tolerated, and appropriate action will always be taken against individuals who behave in such a manner,” said Mr Minns.

“Hospital staff continue to work incredibly hard to save lives and treat patients with high-quality healthcare in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. The last thing they should expect is to be treated in an aggressive manner while doing what they do best – caring for others.”

Dr Clare Skinner, Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, has urged people across the state to help healthcare staff to make this festive season a happy and healthy time for everybody.

These holidays the best gift you can give NSW’s amazing healthcare staff is by being patient and respectful. We know this year has been hard on communities and we all want to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves. However, it’s important to remember to make sensible decisions.”

Dr Clare Skinner

“We are still in a global pandemic and while the state’s emergency departments are doing their best to cope with demand healthcare staff would rather see you spending time with families instead of at the emergency department,” added Dr Skinner.

The 2021/22 NSW Government Budget included a $69.7 million package as part of the response to recommendations by the Honourable Peter Anderson of the state-wide hospital security review earlier this year.