Brave Beatrix! COVID-19 vaccinations for 5 to 11-year-olds commence in western Sydney

WSLHD Granville Vaccination Centre Kids start getting jabbed. Left to right: Carly and Beatrix 6 years old

Six-year-old Beatrix was one of the first children aged five to 11 to receive her COVID-19 vaccine this morning at The Granville Centre Vaccination Clinic in western Sydney.

Vaccinations for the age group commenced today, Monday 10 January, with parents and carers urged to book their children an appointment as soon as possible.

“My vaccine didn’t hurt! It was quick and easy. To everyone out there, get vaccinated,” the six-year-old said afterward.

“The nurse showed me exactly what vaccination she was receiving, then talked to Beatrix and administered the vaccine,” followed Beatrix’s mum Carly.

I think if there’s anything we can do as parents to keep our kids safe, we should do it, and that’s why I haven’t hesitated to get my daughter vaccinated.”

Beatrix’s mum, Carly

The Pfizer (Comirnaty) children’s vaccine is the approved COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 – 11 years in Australia. The dose is around 1/3 of the dose for people aged 12 years and older.

Children will receive two doses of the vaccine, given 8 weeks apart. In certain circumstances, the second dose can be brought forward to 3 weeks after the first dose, including:

  • in an outbreak response
  • prior to the initiation of significant immunosuppression
  • before international travel.

Consent is required from a parent or guardian at booking and at the appointment. If the parent or guardian is unable to attend the appointment, a nominated accompanying adult can be identified during the booking process.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said vaccine will be made available for the roughly 720,000 children in the age group across the state.

“More than 18,000 kids aged five to 11 have caught COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, which highlights why vaccination is so important,” Mr Perrottet said.

“We saw a great vaccination response for children aged 12-15 years, so we hope parents will book in their younger children before they start or go back to school.”

Beatrix’s mum Carly says she didn’t have any concerns about getting her daughter vaccinated as she’d read the information available to the community from trusted sources.

“I’d say to other parents, if you’re thinking of getting your kids vaccinated and you’re not sure, read trusted sources like NSW Health. I wanted to get my daughter vaccinated to reduce her risk of catching COVID-19 and reduce the spread in the community.”

Make a booking for a 5-11 year old at The Granville Centre Vaccination Clinic here.

Make a booking for a 5-11 year old at the Blacktown Hospital Vaccination Clinic here.

NSW Health vaccination clinics across the state are administering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to children. Parents can book their child’s appointment at a range of centres including general practitioners, community pharmacies, and NSW Health clinics.

Read more about COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5 -11 years old here.