Next step to ‘hospital of the future’ at Rouse Hill

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy and Precinct Leadership Team director Emma Clarke discuss ideas at the first Rouse Hill Hospital think tank.

Leaders from across western Sydney’s health network have gathered at Westmead Hospital to take the next step in turning research into a hospital of the future at Rouse Hill.

The NSW Government is investing $300 million to develop the Rouse Hill Hospital on a new site at the corner of Commercial Road and Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, with construction to start prior to March 2023.

Macquarie University researchers last week presented key consumer feedback relating to infrastructure design, implementing models of care delivery, integration in the health system and leadership to senior clinicians, network directors and executive members from Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network.

The research was based on consultations held last year with local community members and health providers following workshops in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean and Punjabi.

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy said the think tank was the first step in translating research into a clinical services plan that will eventually become a building design.

“This was a fabulous opportunity to come together and discuss how we can do health care design and facility design differently,” Graeme said.

“It’s all about how we create a design that works better for our patients and how we can connect with the community and take care out to them. Rather than being driven by our history and the rules of the past, we’re asking: what can the hospital of the future look like?

Let’s think differently around what our consumers and our patients need, and how we can create something leading-edge for The Hills district that no-one else is getting.”

WSLHD chief executive Graeme Loy

In addition to the clinical services plan, work has begun on master planning for the Commercial Road site.

A master plan will provide a vision and framework for how the site can grow and develop to meet the future needs of the community. It will take into consideration road access, building orientation and traditional connections to country.

Once the service requirements are finalised, there will be further opportunities for community input to help inform the design and models of care for the Rouse Hill Hospital.

Construction timeframes for the new facility will be confirmed as planning progresses.