Health staff treated to massages, virtual reality meditation, photobooth and more: Culture Roadshow 2022

Promote a connected health district who have strong leadership, shared purpose, and values and provide an opportunity to bring together a workforce that is accountable, healthy, resilient, and engaged.

This was the goal of the 2022 Western Sydney Local Health District Culture (WSHLD) Roadshow held 2 to 12 May 2022; across five facilities in five days.

Guest speakers Rachel Robertson, former Antarctic expedition leader, and Dr Adam Fraser, human performance researcher and consultant, shared techniques of how staff can take control of relationships at work and home to give both places the best versions of themselves.

Speaking of her Antarctic expedition, Rachel encouraged staff to “lead without a title, encourage openness and remember that respect trumps harmony.”

Attendees were also treated to massage sessions, virtual reality meditation sessions and a photobooth.

Our Culture Roadshow is about promoting a positive shared working environment and strengthening our connections with each other and our community,” said WSLHD director of people and culture Luci Caswell.

Roadshow attendees were given the opportunity to submit feedback, one staff member saying, “I really wanted to say thank you for the incredible two presenters who shared their wisdom during the Culture Roadshow – it was beautiful to see how the focus is shifting from us as “employees” to “human beings” that wear different hats in life.”

Another attendee proved that photobooths never get old sharing, “I loved the wall selfies; I went back and grabbed my whole team… fun at work, keep it coming!”