Homeless community members protected with free flu and COVID-19 vaccinations in western Sydney

WSLHD Outreach vaccination Karabi Community centre. Left to right: Mariam Al Rabii (Reg nurse), Community centre client

Homeless community members and the marginalised population in the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) have been offered free flu and COVID-19 vaccinations at the Karabi Community Centre in Constitution Hill.

Vulnerable community member Winton walked-in for his free flu shot and appreciated the convenience saying “we don’t have to wait for a long time for a scheduled appointment here”.

“I didn’t expect they would care this much.  I was very impressed.  I can’t read so the lady filled out the form for me. That’s care”.

“Sometimes I forget to bring my glasses to appointments and people don’t care and don’t help me.. but they do here”.

Another local, Rosario, exercises at the Karabi Community Centre and came get her free covid-19 vaccination booster saying “it’s a very good service.  I’m getting older but I feel safe now and more comfortable”.

Pam Shimoga lives in Parramatta and is a Zumba teacher at the centre and also just had her free flu shot and encourages other to participate because “this is being done for our wellness to keep us all healthy and fit during flu season”.

Vaccinations coming to us at the centre is the best thing that we have.   Please do it”.

Pam Shimoga

Nina Livingstone works in the WSLHD as clinical nurse specialist in youth health and said the importance of this service “is that vulnerable communities who wouldn’t access healthcare services have an opportunity to access them within their local communities without barriers”.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from staff and community members who have been here”.

“It’s a way we’re able to offer vaccinations in a not scary way”.

WSLHD Outreach vaccination Karabi Community centre. Left to right: at risk client, Nina Livingstone (Clincal Nurse Specialist)

As per updated New South Wales Health advice, flu and COVID-19 vaccinations can be co-administered on the same day making the dual vaccination clinics more convenient for community members.