Winners are grinners at Westmead Hospital’s QuWest Awards to honour excellence in patient care

The inaugural QuWest Awards have taken place at Westmead Hospital in the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) to recognise the outstanding work undertaken at the hospital.

Westmead Hospital’s acting general manager, Jenelle Matic, said “It’s been an unprecedented twelve months. COVID-19 certainly challenged us, but we have emerged, resilient and dynamic, and the pressure of the period made us rally, in working together, in being ingenuous, and of course in leadership”. 

“So many leaders emerged during this period, from all levels across Westmead, and indeed, so many brilliant, inventive projects”. 

“Today is a moment for us to celebrate”. 

Westmead Hospital is synonymous with research, innovation and care. It’s with great pride that I act as General Manager here, and I believe, we should all bring this pride to the workplace”. 

Jenelle Matic

“Your commitment to healthcare has been nothing short of heroic, and I thank each and every one of you for your work”. 

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees:

Category 1: Delivering Evidence Based Care

  • Protocolising Opioid prescribing post-cardiac surgery
  • WERAS (Westmead Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) **WINNER**
  • ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)

Category 2: Improving Patient Experience 

  • DICE (Digital Integration of Clinical Eye Examinations) 
  • Distraction Pack 
  • Multicultural Banner and A5 Flyer – Childbirth and Parenting Information 
  • Multicultural and Multilingual Website Information
  • Rising Stronger: Student led exercise in Mental Health **WINNER**

Category 3: Improving Patient Safety 

  • Learning in Radiation Oncology implementation pack 
  • Documentation of Intercostal Catheter-Effects of an ICC round and Checklist 
  • QR Code for Cast Care **WINNER**

Category 4: Making Things Better for Staff 

  • Westmead Emergency Department Junior Medical Officer Education Programme 2022
  • FLASH: Fostering Leadership Across Systems in Health **WINNER**
  • The pre-vocational liaison council (PVLC) team review

Category 5: Working Smarter During COVID-19

  • Supporting patients during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown 
  • Virtual Inpatient Diabetes Management Services for COVID **WINNER**
  • Westmead Hospital Red Bus Project 

People’s Choice Award – winner:  Learning in Radiation Oncology implementation impact

This project was submitted by Radiation. The project developed an electronic Radiation Oncology specific incident learning system. This system has had a positive impact on the safety culture of these departments with increased reporting and rapid action by the triage team.

The General Manager’s Award – winner: The Red Bus

Westmead Hospital’s acting general manager, Jenelle Matic, said “This award highlights how agile we have been over the last year and our ability to implement change when faced with challenge”.

Patient transfers were delayed as medically discharged COVID-19 positive patients could not be transferred using usual transport means. 

The team implemented the Westmead Red Bus to get these patient’s home. 

2,100 patients have been transferred home using this service, reducing the transport average wait time from 4-6 hours to 25 mins and has been adopted by other districts within NSW and Victoria!