Operating theatres improve efficiency with new time-saving equipment deliveries in western Sydney

Productivity is better than ever in the Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) operating theatres due to a new cost-effective initiative which sees custom surgery packs de-boxed and delivered to central storerooms in theatres three times a week at Westmead, Blacktown and Auburn hospitals.

Each hospital’s clinical procurement team is responsible for sourcing high quality and cost-effective products and equipment for WSLHD hospitals, ranging from syringes to surgical saws.

Custom surgery packs

Ian Gunder, equipment nurse at Blacktown Hospital operating suite, said the packs contain all the consumables needed for a procedure in one place – saving precious time and allowing emergency surgery to get underway faster.

“The previous method was more time consuming.  These packs are hugely timesaving at the point of use and the delivery process,” Ian said.

“The driver delivers the packs and takes away the pallets and packaging, so it’s not only the theatre staff who benefit but also the stores and general services staff too. It saves us time and effort in multiple departments.”

Clinical products category manager Sarah Sisson said it was a positive additional change in the procurement process for the operating theatre staff who were now freed up to meet other competing priorities.

“This new process is like doing an online grocery order and having it directly delivered and unpacked into your pantry, instead of needing to go to the supermarket and then unload the items into the pantry yourself,” Sarah said.