Western Sydney pastry cook shares confronting Hepatitis C journey for World Hepatitis Day

Ross Clark

Western Sydney local Ross Clark received the shock diagnosis of Hepatitis C after a routine blood test via his local doctor.

The 66-year-old was surprised by the news saying, “I was wondering how I got it because I know it’s from blood-to-blood contact and I never used drugs which is the most common cause”.

“I’m a former pastry cook by trade and we get lots of cuts on our hands so I’ve put it down to being work-related but it was a surprise to hear.”

Ross Clark

Hepatitis C is an infection caused by a virus carried in your blood. The virus affects your liver and can be acute (short-lived) or chronic (long-lasting). 

The infection is curable with treatment taken orally anywhere from eight and 24 weeks.

Ross had no symptoms and if his doctor hadn’t picked up the diagnosis, his health could have deteriorated over time.

“I wasn’t sick and I didn’t feel anything so if they didn’t tell me I wouldn’t know,” Ross explained.

Ross was treated at Westmead Hospital with medication and blood tests were monitored. 

“I’ve noticed a very big improvement and as the nurse said to me ‘your liver isn’t angry anymore’”, he laughed.

The doctors and nurses were all really, really nice and I followed their instructions and it all worked.”

Ross Clark

Thankfully, none of Ross’s family caught Hepatitis C. 

Ross is now free of Hepatitis C and encourages others in Western Sydney Local Health District (WLSHD) to keep on top of their general health with regular checks.

“Just get it done,” he said.

WSLHD team in partnership with Hepatitis New South Wales during Hepatitis C Mobile Mural campaign at Blacktown Community Health Centre, Blacktown.

While 28 July 2022 is World Hepatitis Day, Hepatitis Awareness Week kicked off 26 July and runs until 1 August.

WSLHD in partnership with Hepatitis NSW is running the Hep Cured Mobile Mural campaign during Hepatitis Awareness Week in western Sydney.

For more information on Hepatitis visit http://www.liverwellnessprogram.com/