Legendary volunteer buggy driver at Westmead Hospital encouraging others to get behind the wheel

Alan Marsh

Alan Marsh is in his eighties and has been a volunteer buggy driver at Westmead Hospital in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) for over 11 years and transports out-patients and visitors to areas of the hospital they need to access.

“I have very good health for my age and a lot of people need this service, so I feel as though I’m helping people not as fortunate as I am,” he said.

Alan volunteers one day a week and his services are always in demand.

Alan loves his volunteer work and can see first-hand the importance of the buggy drivers around the hospital.

“All you need to do is watch people come in and they are flabbergasted.

“When I say to them ‘can I help you?’ there’s a relief in their face straight away”.

Stephen Frost is a relatively new volunteer buggy driver and has been transporting patients and visitors for three and a half months.

He is pleased that he made the rewarding decision to become a volunteer driver.

“I like helping other people and here at Westmead Hospital there’s lot of elderly people so I take them to where they want to go.”

Stephen encourages other members of the western Sydney community to step up and donate their time as a buggy driver.

You’ll sure meet a lot of different people and it’s nice talking to them”

Stephen Frost

Westmead Hospital needs Volunteer buggy drivers right now.

The service runs two buggies each day, Monday to Friday, with each driver rostered one regular day per week.    

You’ll feel fulfilled, make new friends and it’s a good way to keep alert and active.

Alan can even show you the ropes!

“We need buggy drivers and people say to me ‘this is a good job’ and they think you’re getting paid for it and I say well we’re looking for drivers and I can’t recommend it highly enough,” he said.

There’s no better time to get the wheels in motion and help support our community.

Sign up to become a volunteer buggy driver here: