Westmead Hospital staff member a fan favourite on Beauty and the Geek reality television show

Bri Auty

Briahna (Bri) Auty has been working in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) for eight years and is currently an administration officer for Therapy Reception in Clinical Support but most recently she’s taken centre stage on primetime reality television series Beauty and the Geek!

The show has recently wrapped up and gone to air in Australia and Bri said she “feels a sense of relief that it is now out in the open”.

“I can finally talk about it with my family and friends. It has been so exciting and fun to watch.”

Bri came runner-up out of 10 couples on the show and was happy with the result.

“I went on the show for growth and to share my story. I wanted people to know why I am the way I am and that beauties go through things too and not just geeks. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and Christopher my geek.  I couldn’t have done it without him,” she said.

The premise of the ‘Beauty and the Geek’ television series revolves around a group of “beauties” being paired up with “geeks” to compete in challenges to survive eliminations each episode.

Bri loved the activities and said “the highlight of the show was “getting chucked in the deep end with all the crazy challenges we did”.

“I wouldn’t have done half the things otherwise and this included a stunt challenge, running a dog agility course, fighting knights and even abseiling off an 18-story building.”

She also enjoyed making lifelong friends and is still in touch with everyone from the show.

We have a group chat with all the beauties and geeks and we have another big group chat with last year’s contestants as well,” Bri said. “We’re like one big family now. Also, the host of the show Sophie Monk has added me on Instagram and sends me messages every now and then to check in. She’s beautiful!”

Bri’s colleagues in WSLHD “couldn’t be prouder”. 

“Every day I came to work we spoke about the episodes after they had aired” she said.

Bri’s life has changed a lot since appearing on the hit show with her saying“I have been much busier.  My socials have popped off and I have had ample amounts of opportunities coming my way like event invites and big brands wanting to work alongside me.

I’m trying to juggle a fulltime job and life after Beauty and the Geek but it has changed my life for the better so I’m super grateful for everything that has come my way so far.”

Bri Auty

If you visit Westmead Hospital just be on the lookout.

“My mask hides my face the majority of the time but I have been stopped multiple times by patients and colleagues around the hospital asking ‘are you Bri from Beauty and the Geek?’ and it’s such a surreal feeling that people know who I am,” she said. 

“Come say ‘Hi’ if you ever run into me.”