43 years of stellar service from Western Sydney Local Health District’s Annette Hughes

Annette Hughes (centre)

Western Sydney Local Health District’s Annette Hughes began working at Westmead Hospital on 21 June 1979 and always loved her job saying she most enjoyed the “satisfaction in helping people during their most vulnerable experiences and also supporting the nursing staff”.

During Annette’s career at Westmead Hospital she worked in catering, delivering meals to patients and then worked in the Children’s ward helping the nurses with dinner.

Annette said “In my early years a highlight was seeing children go home after a long stay in hospital”.

She also worked in the cafeteria for two years, but the bulk of her time was spent in Sterilising Services, and she thrived on learning how to do loan instruments and liaising with company representatives, nursing staff and doctors. 

Annette’s most memorable patient story came when she was speaking with a gentleman at a train station. “He was telling me how sick his wife was after having a couple of different operations and he was so upset and worried,” Annette said. “Then one day I was delivering dinner and they were both there at Westmead Hospital and she said how happy she was because I was there to chat with her husband during her long recovery.”

This long-standing WSLHD worker is adored and appreciated by many.

Annette would like to send her own special thanks to Patient Care Manager, Mr Winter, who she worked with many years ago.

He was always positive and caring towards his staff. He just knew if someone was having a bad day.”

Annette Hughes

Annette is on well-deserved long service leave then will officially retire in June next year to allow for more time for her horses, gardening and travelling.

Annette’s family always worked in the health industry so she naturally followed in their footsteps and when asked if she’s glad she chose health as a career, her response, “definitely”.