“It’s a pleasure to deliver lifesaving treatment to patients at home” – western Sydney’s ‘Hospital In The Home’ celebrates 25 Year anniversary

WSLHD’s Hospital In The Home 25 year anniversary event

Two and a half decades of Hospital In The Home (HITH) assisting some of western Sydney’s most vulnerable community members in their home environment is certainly a cause for celebration.

HITH in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) was established in 1997 and comprised of a team allied health and nursing working out of Westmead Hospital.

Matthias Langer, WSLHD Nurse Manager, HITH, co-ordinated the anniversary event on Thursday 27 October at the Sheltered Shed in the Cumberland Precinct and said, “WSLHD’s HITH has evolved over the years to include various models of care delivery and referrals”.

“It’s important to bring us all together to celebrate the partnerships we have developed over the years and all of the great work the HITH service does every single day.”

WSLHD’s general manager for Integrated and Community Health, Jasmin Ellis, took to the microphone at the celebration and shared her joy saying, “What an exciting day today, 25 years, and I am absolutely proud to be part of a team that has such a long history at looking after the communities in western Sydney”.

One of the patients who has benefited greatly from the HITH service is Mr Jeffrey Brown who first heard about the program when he was admitted to Westmead Hospital two years ago and was told it was possible to get out of hospital and attended to by nurses at home.

Jeffrey has great admiration for the service saying, “If the HITH service didn’t exist then I probably would’ve spent months in hospital so the service to me is very convenient”.

It’s a much better option because mentally you feel so much better being at home and I think when you’re mentally better off it’s much better for your physical recovery.”

Mr Jeffrey Brown

WSLHD’s HITH Medical Officer, Varun Randhawa, works actively in the program and said “It’s a pleasure to deliver lifesaving treatment to patients at home in an environment they are comfortable in”.

Past and present HITH staff attended the ceremony for celebratory speeches, cake cutting and good old-fashioned reminiscing.

Matthias was eager to thank all involved saying, “Today is a recognition of the service of the staff within HITH over the last 25 years and recognising the wonderful work they do especially going out into the community in the recent pandemic, as well as prior to that, making sure patients are safe and holistically cared for within the community”.

“Keeping them out of hospital is the key component of that as they are able to be in the comfort of their own home, eat their own food and see their family.”

The next step for WSLHD’s HITH service is to expand by looking at other key models of care that can be embraced to take patients out of the hospital setting and bring them back into the home to continue to minimise hospital bed stays.

Happy birthday WSLHD’s HITH!