‘Above and beyond’: Billy “The Kid” Dib thanks nurses and doctors during chemotherapy at Westmead Hospital’s Haematology Unit

He’s known by most as an icon of Australian boxing, but Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib has been facing a completely new opponent following a cancer diagnosis in 2022.

Billy, 37, underwent surgery to remove a tumour in his stomach in October, and has subsequently been treated for an aggressive and rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer.

With his supportive family by his side, Billy remains upbeat and optimistic about his recovery.

“I’m feeling pretty positive,” he said.

“I’ve got so many beautiful family members, my mum and dad, siblings – they’re constantly doing the roster change so there’s always somebody here which is really helpful.”

Billy is a patient at Westmead Hospital in Western Sydney Local Health District and is currently undergoing his third round of chemotherapy.

Speaking to The Pulse just before Christmas, Billy said he is focused on his health.

He was planning have a quiet holiday period surrounded by loved ones and looking after himself.

“I’ve got a great team of doctors around me and I’ve got a lot of trust and faith in god, so I’m feeling good about this.

“I’m just a bit tired as you would be during this chemo treatment. With the mercy and the grace of god, I’m getting through it one day at a time.”

Billy also credits the team at Westmead Hospital’s Haematology Unit for his excellent care journey during his treatment.

“Each and every one of these nurses and doctors have been second to none,” Billy said.

“They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that I’m comfortable.”