Blacktown hospital staff drop it like it’s hot into the new year

Two Blacktown Hospital Integrated Community Health staff members aren’t letting the western Sydney January heat derail their new year’s resolution to get healthier and move more.

Enter the squat challenge.

Twice a day after their team check-in meetings, Fiona Liu and Camille Coladilla take two minutes to drop their tushes to the ground and give their best 50 squats.

“We used to go for a morning walk, but because the sun is quite harsh at the moment, we thought, why not do squats in the air-conditioning!?” said Fiona.

It’s quick, time efficient and you can really feel you’ve done a workout.”

Initially, Fiona and Camille were squatting at their desks, but the challenge quickly caught on and now over 20 hospital-based and remote staff are joining in each session.

“When Fiona and I did residential aged care facility (RACF) work together, other nurses in the room joined in on the squat challenge, and now we’ve spilled out into the corridor to accommodate everyone wanting to join in including clinical and admin staff,” said Camille.

“Even people working from home join in on camera!

“It’s fitness and team building rolled into one and I feel better about myself physically; it’s good to get out of your seat.”