Humans of the Hospital: Victoria Fu

Victoria Fu

“I studied a bachelor of biomedical science and I’ve always been interested in human health. In Year 12, I was really interested in biology and my teacher really fostered that curiosity in me to pursue a career in science and health. That’s why I did a degree in biomedical science.

“Throughout my degree I found that I had a spark of interest in a management position because I was the president of the medical and health society at my university. I did really enjoy being in that position and being in a position of leadership, so I felt inspired to go on and apply for this role.

“It’s perfect because it’s my local health district and I’ve always wanted to work at Westmead Hospital. I know so many people around me in my community that have worked here and it’s always been a dream of mine to work at Westmead Hospital and serve my community.”

– Victoria Fu spoke to us at Westmead Hospital on her first day as a Health Management Intern at WSLHD.

‘Humans of the Hospital’ is dedicated to the inspiring humans working at Westmead, Blacktown, Mount Druitt Auburn and Cumberland hospitals in western Sydney.