Meet Bronwen Craig, the WSLHD nominee for NSW Allied Health Professional of the Year

Bronwen Craig is a Clinical Specialist Speech Pathologist (Paediatric Feeding and Dentistry) at Westmead Hospital.

After a stellar 2022, including winning the Westmead Allied Health Professional of the Year award, Bronwen has just been nominated for a NSW Allied Health – Excellence in Allied Health Award.

This prestigious ‘Allied Health Professional of the Year’ accolade recognises outstanding contribution to clinical excellence, and is awarded to a person who continuously displays passion in their work to provide safe, quality and evidence-based care.

Bronwen’s nomination is a nod from her peers for her professionalism and the pride she takes in her work as an Allied Health Professional.

She is among five contenders from across the state in this category.

The Pulse spoke to Bronwen about her nomination for NSW Allied Health Professional of the Year and her work at WSLHD.

The Pulse: What is your favourite part of your job?

Bronwen: I love working with the families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Having your tiny baby admitted to a NICU is a very stressful and often traumatic time for these families, and being able to provide support, education and guidance around feeding their little ones is very rewarding. Seeing the parents grow in their confidence and capability in caring for their baby is really fulfilling.

The Pulse: Why is working in western Sydney special?

Bronwen: Working in western Sydney has provided me with so many additional opportunities to develop as a professional, as well as in my clinical role. Clinically, everyday working in the hospitals across western Sydney is challenging but rewarding, and provokes a desire to continue learning and further developing my skills.

Western Sydney has fostered my enthusiasm for using data to inform clinical care and to lead various change management projects in this space both in western Sydney and across the state.

The Pulse: Is there anyone you’d like to thank or mention?

Bronwen: There are many people that have played an important role in my career in western Sydney. I’ve been fortunate to work with very supportive managers within the Speech Pathology Department and in Allied Health, who have fostered my career and have allowed me to pursue leadership opportunities and other interests outside of my clinical role.

My colleagues in the NICU and Westmead Centre for Oral Health have also been and continue to be integral in my work and have provided amazing learning opportunities and support over the years, I definitely would not be the clinician I am today without their valuable input.

The Pulse: What does this award mean for you?

Bronwen: Being nominated as a Finalist for this award, to me, is recognition of an almost 20-year career in health, working in a fairly niche area of Speech Pathology practice. It is also recognition of the support and growth opportunities that Western Sydney Local Health District has provided me, from a new graduate through to now.

I feel blessed that I have been able to grow my career in western Sydney and develop a wide range of skills within Speech Pathology, across Allied Health and more broadly across the organisation. It is an honour to be recognised for my work in a niche of Speech Pathology that was my goal before I even started studying, my leadership and management skills and for my involvement in a variety of projects and roles at a state level.